WALL-E Is Not Just a Disney Movie, It Is An Omen

Watch the 2008 Disney animated film, WALL-E, and you will get a glimpse into what the future may hold for small businesses: extinction. Buy N Large (BnL), is the imagined mega company that controls all things on Earth, and in space. In WALL-E, BnL has taken over small businesses of all types, controlling the manufacturing of batteries, and the outlet stores where they are sold. That should sound kinda familiar, like Amazon, a mega company which will soon take over all businesses on Earth. Mega companies are massively reshaping the landscape of our lives, and the planet, in the news outlets available to us, the medical care we receive, the water we drink, and even the eye glasses we are allowed to choose from. Mega companies, most of whom don’t even pay taxes, are taking over everything, hoping to keep humans complacent, comfortable, and confused. If a company does indeed have personhood, then mega companies are steroid injected bullies, sucker punching everyone else.

In a world where “likes” are often more meticulously counted, coveted, and protected, in comparison to votes in an election, we may want to start “liking” small businesses, and take a close look at mega companies, before they strike again. Otherwise, we will be to blame for our own automated apocalypse. Innovation transformed the cotton gin, not the electoral college, and that’s how mega companies prefer it, they need politicians to keep the gears of democracy gluttonousness, and grinding in their favor. The People, well, we are just part of their consumer caste system, feverishly making and buying their goods, most of which are not good for us, or the planet.

I won’t give away the complex, intertwining plot lines of WALL-E in case you haven’t seen it, I will simply encourage you to watch this film, written by Andrew Stanton, Pete Doctor, and Jim Reardon, yet be warned, I hear Disney is a mega corporation. The best part of the film WALL-E is Fred Willard, who voices the character, Shelby Forthright, CEO of BnL. One of the funniest humans on this planet, Fred Willard, is gone, however his funny lives on. Nothing about Fred was robotic, but if he had a directive, it was humor.

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