Trying to Guess the Identity of “Anonymous” is like Guessing the Identity of “The Masked Singer”

Trying to guess the name of the Senior Trump Administration Official, known as, Anonymous, the author of A Warning, is like attempting to discern, “The Masked Singer,” a show in which celebrities sing in elaborate costumes, as a panel of judges, and an audience, attempt to surmise the name of the well disguised celebrity. My son, finds the show entertaining, matching vocal styles with clues, while awaiting the celebrity reveal. However, as the aptly titled book, A Warning, seems to illustrate, the world is in critical danger under a Trump presidency. We do know Anonymous is the same person who wrote the ‘resistance’ op-ed, the “reassuring” letter to America, that he or she was a guardrail (at the time) keeping the country afloat. Anyone paying attention will observe, there is no one “guiding” Trump, reports of Donald wanting to build a moat with alligators, and flesh piercing spikes, or his desire to buy Greenland, are plausible for this President. In an excerpt from the book, A Warning, Anonymous describes his or her self as being a, “glorified government babysitter,” the fresh cluster f*ck currently in the White House, is both seriously funny and literally serious. Now, at least we know why Trump conducted numerous campaign rallies in his presidency, during a time, that was not campaign season; according to Anonymous, the White House staff was trying to keep Trump busy, so he didn’t destroy the world, with one of his “genius” ideas. The message that appears to be conveyed in the book, A Warning, is literally a warning, that the country is in actual danger, while in the hands of Donald Trump. And, of course the obvious, the current President does not read, an excerpt from, A Warning, describes Donald’s reaction to receiving a document to have been, “These are just words. A bunch of words. It doesn’t mean anything.” Well said, Donald, well said. Now, remove your orange mask, and go to the Principal’s Office, you broke the rules, and endangered the entire school, recess is over, your expulsion is underway.

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