Trump Acquittal Provides Him Power to Target Anyone

With the acquittal Trump was handed today, by the Republicans, except one, Mitt Romney, the light of democracy is almost extinguished. Trump, facing no consequences, will continue to go after anyone he wants. Next, it could be a writer, actor, teacher, business owner, comedian, and yes, it could be you, private citizen. Apathy is the leading cause of death to democracy.

Listening to Susan Collins, say she believes Trump has learned his lesson, reminds me of a parent, who refuses to recognize their kid is out of control, refusing to implement restraint, or consequence. Except this is not a parent, child dynamic, Trump is not Susan’s kid, although he does behave like one. This is about democracy, or autocracy. The affluenza defense, does have consequences. The privileged, rich white guy, who pushed the word affluenza, into the lexicon of America, eventually was arrested. And, so was his mom. Susan cannot avert truth forever, eventually she too will face the fact that Trump is not aspirational, he is criminal.


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