Touchdowns and Tyranny

If there is any “good” resulting from the Trump “election” it is Americans have learned a bit of Latin, quid pro quo, in addition to learning, that who the President is, actually does matter. It matters more than who wins The Super BowlAmerican Idol, Dancing With the Stars, or even who wins RuPauls’s Drag Race. As we all know, Shangela was robbed of her fair and rightful place in RuPaul’s high court, similar to Merrick Garland, being denied his fair place on the Supreme Court, sans the crown and scepter of course. Queens and Republicans have more in common than people think, both may be petty, jealous, and retaliatory. However, Queens care about America, Queens uplift America, and Queens are not afraid of Donald J. Trump. Halleloo.

Engineered minority rule, where a “leader” is anointed and, exempt from the rule of law, is an autocracy. America will become an autocracy in which a few members of one racial group, rule over the majority. Public Enemy was prophetic, there is indeed, Fear of a Black Planet. Perhaps Public Enemy should record a new track, about the new fear, Fear of a Trump Tweet. America is tittering into tyranny. Ego or egalitarian, will decide. We have leaders endorsing a “Trump first mentality” in which the Commander in Chief, enacts humiliation on the American public, targeting people of color (primarily focusing on Black people), while sitting in hubris instead of being humble. No wonder Trump was apoplectic when NFL players took a knee during the National Anthem, Trump was jealous, because they weren’t on bended knee for him. Chuck D said, “Sit for a second and be humble to the power of the Universe.” My MeMaw used to tell me, “You reap what you sow.” Republicans are sewing a shroud for Democracy.

Voter suppression is oppression, regardless of where it takes place. We still have to, “fight for the power,” to vote. One Person = One Vote. The manner in which America’s elections are being infiltrated and destroyed by Putin, makes me think, perhaps GOP, actually stands for, Good One Putin, as his investment in Trump is paying off, for Putin. Democracy is being dismantled from within. As you are enjoying sliders, dip, and cheering for your team, remember America needs you to stand up and cheer for Her. America needs the referees to make fair calls, as the Executive Branch, is off sides. The Executive Branch is committing flagrant interference. The Executive Branch is roughing the passer. The Executive Branch is cheating.

Imagine the impact, if the time, energy, and money, invested in promotion, preparation and participation, in The Super Bowl, was also placed into voting. Super Bowl Sunday, is revered in America, I get it. However, shouldn’t winning The Vince Lombardi Trophy, mean as much as serving in the Oval Office? The NFL has rules, plays are refereed, there is even instant re-play on questionable calls. Teams are not allowed to hire the referees, not allowed to move the goal post to make scoring easier, not allowed to change the rules based on the team playing. Coaches and players have been barred from, “Hall of Fame,” status for betting on games, corruption of the game is not tolerated. Coaches and players are ejected, fined, and fired, for cheating. The Super Bowl, does not indulge cheating, neither should American elections.

The candidate who completes the presidential pass to America, wins. As pass interference in football is penalized, so shall interference in American elections, be penalized.

Remember, when the US Senate invested time, and subpoenaed witnesses for use of steroids in professional baseball? Why are Senators not willing to secure witnesses for the use of steroids in the one of the most important leagues, America? The optics of flags, and flyovers, at a game, means nothing, if our elections are not free of the foreign fouls, of flagrant interference. The referee threw the flag on the field, “in sweeping and systematic fashion,” instant replay has confirmed interference. Yet, Republican Senators remain plonked in prejudice, refusing to concede, to the Constitution.

Come on America, care as much about upholding rules of democracy, as upholding rules in football. Spiking the ball in the end zone will not matter, if the touchdown is in an arena of tyranny.




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