To: Vladimir From: Donald

It must be tough to shop for a dictator, the gift has to be perfect, and personal, a gift receipt is not needed, because dictators don’t follow return policies.

With a desperate desire to please his Moscow marrer, Donald gave Vlad a gift, an airbase in Syria, this made Vlad oh so glad. The American flag that once flew, has been replaced with a Russian flag.

No word yet on the “special” occasion for such a life threatening, and anti-democratic gift, or if Vlad sent Donald a thank you note. Originally, Donald intended to gift Ukraine to Vlad, however decided on the Syrian airbase, amid unexpected “laws” regarding abuse of power, annexing and regifting.

Looks like it is lies over lives for Donald and Vlad, as GOP gallantry, is a mystery.

According to Our Baby Namer, the name Donald means World Leader, and is Scottish in origin. Donald is a name utilized by parents whom are considering baby names for ducks, or boys, including one whom is narcissistic, with a pathology for lying, love of dictators, and all things orange.

The name Vladimir means Great Ruler, and is Slavic in origin. Vladimir is a name utilized by parents whom are considering baby names for boys, including one with malfeasant predilection, oil obsession, aversion to democracy, and with an adoration for Soviet domination.

When a corrupted “World Leader” and a corrupted “Great Ruler” fuse egomaniacal ascendancy for ultimate power over people and resources, bad things happen, like the loss of freedom, morality, privacy, and democracy. For anyone paying attention, we are seeing this occur presently.

Remember the sage words of Masha Gessen:

Rule #1 

Believe the autocrat.

Rule # 2

Do not be taken in by small signs of normality.

Rule # 3

Institutions will not save you.

Rule # 4

Be outraged.

Rule # 5

Don’t make compromises.

Rule # 6

Remember the future.

Masha Gessen, The New York Review of Books, November 10, 2016


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