“There’s a front seat, and a back seat, and a window in between.” Sabrina

Social stratification in America has become drastically more distinct. The unequal control of resources is out of control, with inequality of wealth and power exasperating the ability for people to rise and survive. America’s ruling class hierarchy, is provoking significant consequences for the masses, with a clear and distinct message, that the 1% is kicking our asses. Billionaires and millionaires, may make the occasional donation, yet the bottomline the 1% want us to understand, is to stay in our station. The 1954 film, Sabrina, was about more than a love triangle, it was also about the impact of wealth on social class, in the subtext of this financial fairy tale. The character, Sabrina, daughter of a chauffeur, played by Audrey Hepburn, was correct, when she aptly noted, “There’s a front seat, and a back seat, and a window in between.” The window, separating America’s classes, is rapidly transforming into a iron wall, as systematic inequality, makes upward mobility, through hard work and playing by the rules, an abstract, instead of an absolute in America.


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