The Supreme Court has no respect for the rights of all Americans, cue the Respect for Marriage Act

Hooray for H.R. 8404, also known as the Respect for Marriage Act, created to codify interracial marriage and same-sex marriage into federal law, given that conservatives on the Supreme Court have demonstrated no respect for marriage equality…or equality period. The Respect for Marriage Act is not a cure all for the chronic disease of discrimination, the threat to equality remains, there is no guarantee states, or the Trump appointed justices on the Supreme Court, won’t obliterate Obergefell v. Hodges as they did Roe v. Wade.

It’s clear, Republican Supreme Court justices prefer to reference 17th century travels via time machine, instead of the US Constitution when crafting decisions designed to take away constitutional rights. Designed to turn the clock back. Designed to dehumanize. Nostalgia to a few, is a nightmare for many.

“Free people do not remain free by denying freedom to others,”Michael Bennet, Colorado Senator

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