The Republican Party is not directly connected to reality

Woman whisperer and Salt Lake County Council member, Dave Alvord knows nothing about a woman’s body, yet he’s ready to pass laws that dictate what a woman can do with her body. Dave responded to a Tweet from Vice President Kamala Harris, with this bit of bullshit from the GOP rectum file:

“The baby is not part of the body of a woman. The umbilical chord and placenta do not directly connect to the woman. The baby floats inside the woman. It is not about the woman’s body, it’s to kill then remove the baby’s body. It is done in greater proportion to black babies.” Woman whisperer and Black baby aficionado, Dave Alvord

The fuck? The Republican Party really is the Party for Freedumb.

Although Dave clearly is not an OBGYN, he is a dentist. Perhaps he also believes teeth are not part of a person’s mouth…they just float inside.

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