The Politician, By Ryan Murphy

The current state of politics may literally give Ryan Murphy’s new Netflix production, The Politician, a bona fide run for its money with regard to perfidious people in politics. Having said that, my anticipation for the series has not dissipated, Ryan (in my mind we are friends) who gave the world Pose¬†and Scream Queens keeps creating work we need to see. No doubt, The Politician, will continue the satire of success for Ryan Murphy House of Innovative Entertainment. Season 1 of The Politician, airs, September 27 on Netflix.

P.S. When the events of this Arrogant Alabaster Administration are brought to the big screen, Taylor Swift (yes, she can act) must portray Ivanka, Ryan Murphy must direct and produce, and may I humbly offer that I am available, and would be honored to work with Ryan Murphy House of Innovative Entertainment. The category is, Dream Job.

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