The Madness of King Donald

King Donald’s kingdom is in disarray. In a ludicrous act performed on the Truman Balcony, King Donald removed his mask, and saluted Marine One, as he struggled to breathe, and stand unassisted. A maskless King Donald then walked into the White House, with people in close proximity, and recorded a propaganda video, in which he spouted dangerous words about COVID-19 coated in his infectious droplets. The madness of King Donald is an obvious, and immediate threat, requiring intervention. King Donald’s family must decide who among them will be the “Al Haig,” of Donald’s royal court.

King Donald has continued to issue royal decrees based on his whims and wishes, while publicly punishing those who defy him, and demanding his royal court hide their COVID-19 test results. The royal doctor praised King Donald, describing the King as, “holding court,” while he was hospitalized after contracting COVID-19, and after an orchestrated chariot ride, so that the King could wave to his followers, whom are “standing by” as King Donald instructed.

Members of King Donald’s monarchy are willing to follow their King down the depths of hell in order to please and appease his wishes. Word among the commonwealth is that King Donald will soon issue a royal decree banning science, as the number of infections continues to increase. The King has already made the grotesque proclamation that anyone who has died from COVID-19 was weak and scared. King Donald’s doctor and his royal court remain in firm support of the King, as they palliate Donald’s COVID-19 infection, describing King Donald as a warrior defeating the deadly disease, just like the fiery dragon he impaled during a recent golfing trip to Scotland.

King George III lost America to the overwhelming desire for independence – no taxation without representation. Centuries later, King Donald, who pays no taxes, and does not represent The People, is losing America to an overwhelming desire for independence from his absolute madness, staggering inequality, and his devout cult of followers who exalt their King’s hysterical whims over America, regardless of the cost.

America is in an epic battle for survival, facing an insane man who thinks he is a king, a man who still refuses to take true action to control a deadly pandemic sweeping the land. Perhaps the notorious ‘pee tape’ will ultimately reveal that like the 2020 electoral map, it too is blue.

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