“The American Dream is at the expense of the American Negro.” James Baldwin

The Grand Old Party, perpetuates the grand old history of America – a nation built on the backs of Blacks, and genocide. Fear based, race based, Republican campaigning is the foundation for Republican candidates. Do not be fooled or flabbergasted by the racism on full display with the current Republican standard bearer. Trump is simply doing what Republicans before him have done for decades, being racist. Although Trump does not possess the vocabulary of William F. Buckley, he does embrace racism, as most Republicans do. The Republican dream is an American nightmare. Back in the day Buckley did not believe Black people had the intelligence, or will to vote. In present day, Trump is trying to keep Black people from voting – by taking over the United States Postal Service, eliminating ballot drop off boxes, encouraging foreign election interference, fighting vote by mail in the midst of a pandemic, and perpetuating false claims about wide spread voter fraud. Indeed Republicans counter scream, “all lives matter,” yet conversely, they do not want all those lives to vote – particularly all those Black lives. This Presidential election is under national review, only this time with fresh white eyes open, as the majority of white Americans are more aware of systematic racism than ever before. Trump is stuck in the Buckley, National Review, era, like a burning cross forced into the flesh of the Earth, losing stability, denied the oxygen of white apathy needed to sustain, while his hateful flame cannibalistically eats the structure of white supremacy, which parlously holds him up. Trump is burning out, leaving remnants of charred Earth. Buckley’s belief in the “cultural superiority of white over the Negro,” is baked into a Republican Party that is crumbling like that burnt cross. Symbols represent an insignia of ideology. A symbol of racism may be a burning cross, a political party, or even a President. Together, as one human race, we must face it and fumigate it – our fear will only fuel its flame.

“The White community will take whatever measures are necessary to make certain that it has its way.” William F. Buckley, Why The South Must Prevail

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