Ah yes, TGIF, what a zany week…a week that saw the current American President, a.k.a the King of Israel, make seriously bizarre pronouncements on everything from actually wanting to buy Greenland (calling the Danish leader nasty), comparing Jerome Powell to a dictator, ‘hereby ordering’ U.S. companies to leave China, also, the “lungs of the planet” a.k.a. the Amazon rainforest, is literally on fire due to deforestation, the stock market is tanking, Hong Kong citizens are protesting for democracy, Newark residents still don’t have safe drinking water, microplastics continue to grow in our food supply, kids are still in cages, stores are selling bullet proof backpacks and guns, the “Billy Graham Rule” is in full effect with a male North Carolina police officer refusing to train a female officer, white nationalists are still inflicting terror, a Marysville city council candidate stated she wants to “keep Marysville a white community as much as possible,” and who knows what new fresh hell the current American President will inflict while at the G7 summit in France. Another week has drawn to a close. It is finally Friday folks, the weekend has arrived. In the meantime, take deep cleansing breaths through any breaking news we may be subjected to before another manic Monday. Namaste.

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