Stop DICKtating Women’s Reproductive Decisions (spelling intended)

By Tami Warren

Republicans continue to express disregard for women with the recent ban on abortion in the state of Alabama, a scheme designed to force the Supreme Court to reverse the 1973 Roe. v. Wade ruling. Of course, Alabama is known for valuing women, which was demonstrated with Republican Roy Moore, a grown man with a history of making sexual advances to young girls. Republicans have no shame. Nonetheless, Republicans have continued to shame women regarding reproductive choices. This, in spite of the fact that the majority of Americans, overwhelmingly favor upholding Roe. v. Wade. Shame is not a perdurable management tool for Republicans however, the Supreme Court is. Overturning Roe v. Wade is the basis for Republicans to defend Trump at all costs. Covering up Trump’s illegal actions, excusing his compliance to Russia, ignoring his racism, looking past his misogyny, condoning his willful dismantling of democracy – all for a Supreme Court to overturn Roe v. Wade. Legend has it, that at the crossroads, Robert Johnson, sold his soul to the devil to become a guitar virtuoso. Johnson is indeed considered a giant among blues artists, yet trade with the devil ended with his tragic downfall. Christian conservative Republicans are apparently ignoring Johnson’s cautionary tale on what happens when you sell your soul – no return or exchange, all sales are final.

Alabama has passed an indurated law, which bans abortion. Perhaps the Alabama saying, “Roll Tide Roll,” referring to the Crimson Tide of Alabama, should now refer to the crimson tide of a woman’s menstrual cycle, considering how involved the State wants to be in women’s reproductive choices. Intimate medical decisions and family planning are off the table for the women of Alabama, and the rest of America if Republicans have their way. The bill in Alabama, sponsored by a female, voted on by white Republican males, and passed by a female governor (the same governor who supported Roy Moore) decided they want government nestled in a woman’s uterus, like Roy Moore in the juniors section of a mall department store. If only Republicans realized, that protecting true reverence for life, lies not in an embryo, but rather in protecting children to attend school without being shot, in protecting families instead of putting children in cages, in protecting health care without financial hardship. Unfortunately ‘science’ is a bad word with most Christian conservative Republicans, however, if they did embrace receiving information beyond books of myth and magic, they might be comforted to know reproductive science is working to create artificial wombs – it’s Hallelujah time, your prayers have been answered, wombs without women.

Americans need to heed the call to awareness, human rights are on the line. Representatives at every level of government have impact, be mindful with the right to vote, Republicans are trying to take that too. The cultural fight regarding abortion is not about the “morality of life” it is about power, and at the helm of power are men, deciding what a woman can and cannot do with her own body. Georgia’s legislation, based on a fetal heartbeat at six weeks, is another example of women being denied power to choose. Many women don’t even know they are pregnant at six weeks. Women are capable of making their own medical decisions, especially regarding reproductive health. If men could become pregnant, abortion and birth control would be stigma free and readily available – abortion then golf. Men would sell abortions in value packs like Viagra or paternity tests.

“Justice” Kavanaugh stands ready to play his part in this cabal, by proving his loyalty to the men who carried him like a keg ready to tap at a frat party. The conservative Christian cell, has received orders, and now the sect has its junta justices in place, with a Trump installed Supreme Court. Women will lose sovereignty over their bodies if this mission of misguided morality is carried out. There are no laws dicktating (spelling intended) what a man can do with his body, no laws dicktating (spelling intended) that all ejaculations must result in pregnancy or else be deemed murder, no stigma attached to men making choices about their family planning. No, that would be ridickulous (spelling intended). Instead, a shrinking demographic, has decided to impose their misguided morality upon the masses, with no awareness or value for enacting laws to provide health care, sex education, maternity leave, paternity leave, child care, birth control, strong public schools, equal pay, clean water, or access to higher education. Per usual, Republican men are acting so dramatic and overly emotional, it must be vagina envy.

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