Stephen from Django Unchained expresses steadfast support for Master Donald

Stephen, from the phenomenal film, Django Unchained, who previously made several appearances at the RNC variety show, Live From The Big House Starring Donald, was permitted to speak again, in an effort to defend his master’s law and order wishes. Stephen echoed his master’s views on mobs, the media, and a condemnation of celebrities, influencers, or any human being dissenting from Donald’s dogma, whom are referred to as, outside agitators. Stephen made it clear, his job as Master Donald’s law and order “person” only takes up 3/5 of his day, allowing him ample time to fulfill the wishes of his master. Stephen teared up as he spoke about his mother, and his devotion to Master Donald, while professing his fealty. Sheba, also from, Django Unchained, spoke at, Live From The Big House Starring Donald, as well, however she was not allowed to comment on Stephen’s law and order role. A spokesperson for Sheba said, speaking would jeopardize her newly acquired “freedom papers” granted by Master Donald.

Stephen listed the “codes and rules” Master Donald is implementing to ensure law and order throughout the land: no gatherings of more than 2 people, no talking back to masters or mistresses, no reading except for materials provided by master, no laughing unless instructed to do so, no thinking imperfect thoughts about master, and no moving about without one’s papers. Stephen directly addressed Black women with a menacing reminder saying, stay in your place, and don’t say anything nasty about masters or mistresses, otherwise you will be thrown in the “hot box.” He instead encouraged Black women to be more like Sheba. When Black women attempted to speak out, Stephen charged the women with wanton endangerment, for allegedly firing off words he claims damaged the walls of Master Donald’s big house, placing kindly white folks in harms way. Master Donald told Black women that, by design they were inferior, as he proudly spoke of his own superior genes and DNA. Stephen then turned his attention to speak about the things Master Donald would allow: smiling, dancing, singing pre-approved happy songs, making cheeseburgers, and reading the Bible provided by Master Donald with the “harmful” passages removed, as to not encourage subversive ideas. Stephen went on to say, if we please master, he will take care of us. Stephen was assured a special place inside Master Donald’s all – white – house, as well as top billing in the upcoming RNC variety show, Donald Big, Blonde and Strong, slated for production in Moscow.

Stephen was joined on stage by Uncle Ben, Aunt Jemima, Mrs. Butterworth, and Cream of Wheat. All of whom stated their firm allegiance to Master Donald. Initially, Master Donald was visibly angered by Aunt Jemima’s presence, as he thought her head scarf was a hijab. In an effort to pacify Master Donald, Aunt Jemima immediately offered him pancakes, smothered in syrup by Mrs. Butterworth, which averted his wrath. Stephen exhibited glee at being considered “one of the good ones” by his master. Upon hearing yet another Caucasian describe him as “one of the good ones,” Stephen replied with adoration saying, Master Donald treats us real good. After Stephen’s emotional display of public loyalty, Master Donald rubbed Stephen’s head, and said, good boy Stephen, good boy – I’m going to tell Vladimir nice things about you.

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