Sleeping With The Enemy of The State

Word on the street is, Melania realizes that it’s time to hit the eject button and leave Trump Town for good. There’s no love loss between her and her in-laws, whom are keen on the idea of throwing her under the bus. Apparently, Melania is not sticking around for Donald’s transition from Our Cartoon President to Our Criminal President. She’s taking her insurance policy of secretly recorded “friendly” conversations, her Africa photo shoot portfolio, and jumping off the MAGA ship before it sinks to the bottom of Oceania.

Sure, she tried her best to connect with regular women by wearing an off the rack garment from Zara (the I really don’t care do you? jacket) and she tried to care about Christmas, then eventually said, fuck Christmas. Now, she’s saying, fuck Donald. Melania must be best and in order to be best, she realizes it’s best to be on her own.

Melania envisions a future on the beach, not in a bunker, Belarus, or in the back nine, where Donald buried his last wife. Melania no longer wants to be Queen of America, now that the coup failed, she’ll settle for being the quiet queen of millionaire divorcees, by hiring a credible divorce attorney, as Donald cannot, complete her book called, “Begone” and then finally land that Vogue cover she covets.

So, in her words: I will follow the lead of actress from documentary, Pretty Woman and “Sleeping With Enemy” and leave by faking death and swimming from Cape Cod to Iowa on yacht.

As depicted in Our Cartoon President, Melania’s plan to live without Donald on the beach, was no secret.

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