Road Rhyme not Road Rage

Stress and anxiety are on the rise, felt everywhere, with more people openly angry, expressing visible vexation in daily activity, and unfortunately driving is not an exception. Wrath on wheels is no way to live. Exuviate life’s aggravations when driving by engaging rhymes instead of rage. To paraphrase lyrics from the legendary, Sugarhill Gang, ‘throw your hand in the air, (keeping the other hand safely on the wheel) and wave it like you just don’t care (while remaining aware of traffic signals, signs, and emergency vehicles), if someone cuts you off or rages down the road, let it go and say, oh well.’

Drive with delight, try putting the pedal to music, not madness. We are all connected, all with somewhere to go, some place to be…picking up kids, going to work, heading to the store, delivering parcels, on our way to dinner, the doctor’s office, or the airport. All this busy, stressful gridlock is churning the gears, with people literally fuming in fumes. Sing along to your favorite songs, let music, not motorists, into your head space, embrace a new language (paix, paz, frieden, salaam, shalom) or simply embrace silence for the drive, and heal the highway hullabaloo.

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