Republicans Vote For Insurrection Over Independence

57 Guilty | 43 Not Guilty | 67 needed to convict

On Wednesday, January 6, 2021 Donald J. Trump’s adoration for autocracy reached a crescendo, as he incited a violent mob of terrorists to attack the United States Capitol with the aim of stopping the certification of an American election so that he could remain in power. People were killed and injured, the capitol grounds desecrated with feces, urine, blood, nooses, and Confederate flags. Donald did nothing to immediately stop the terrorist attack, he simply watched it with glee on TV. The US Capitol is home to our democracy, and it fell victim to a violent home invasion. Donald failed to blow up America’s democracy, however he will succeed at blowing up the Republican Party.

Republicans refused to honor their oath to the United States of America as they have for the past four years under Donald’s rule. Republicans stood with Donald and the desecration of democracy today with the Party overwhelming voting not guilty. Like Donald, Republicans abandon America. Republicans abandoned democracy, their conscience, and any future as a credible Party. Today, the Republican Party proved Donald may stand in the middle of Pennsylvania Avenue, commit crimes, and not be held accountable. A craven caucus of Caucasians in the Senate (and Tim Scott) voted their support for the actions of a MAGA monarch. Republicans have co-signed conspiracy and will be fully responsible when the loan of lies comes due.

We will never forget 1.6.21 we will never forget the Republicans who refused to hold Donald accountable. Never. Not only does the Republican Party have no platform, it has no honor. 1.6.21 was an attempted coup, and the majority of the Republican Party voted today in support of that coup with their not guilty votes. Every contribution to any Republican who voted not guilty today, is a contribution in support of a coup. Donors to the Republican Party are donors to dismantling democracy – they are giving endowment to inequity, they are the benefactors of bigotry, they are giving largesse to lies.

We witnessed the refusal of an American President to respect the peaceful transfer of power, and escape the constitutional consequences for his actions. Donald was the conductor of an orchestrated overthrow of democracy on the “Wild Wednesday” he planned and presided over. As a Black woman, unfortunately I have become accustom to not seeing or receiving justice. Watching white people continually acquitted, facing no accountability. Witnessing two different systems of justice, one for white people and one for Black people. Today, once again white people allowed another white person to get away with committing crimes, today the white person was Donald and he got away with high crimes and misdemeanors…again. Republicans had a second chance to do the right thing – they failed, instead Republicans chose to vote for insurrection over the independence of Americans to elect a President.

Indeed white people say no one is above the law, yet they know deep within their souls, there are certain people above the law, certain people they elevate, certain people they protect, and those certain people are overwhelmingly white people. I am sick of hearing people speak of courage yet refuse to display it. I’m sick of hearing about Republican fear of Donald as reason for their acquiesce, while using their fear of Black people as reason for their denial of our rights. We have seen what the majority of Republicans elected to the Senate think about courage…they don’t. Instead, they think of themselves, they think of a “job,” they think of Donald.

White Republicans (and Tim Scott) have proven once again with the acquittal of Donald J. Trump, that justice is not blind, justice is bonded to systematic racism. White people built the system, white people benefit from the system, and white people protect the system.

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