Republicans are Supersooks

Look…it’s a bird, it’s a plane…no it’s just guano dropping from a bird – it’s bird shit. Guano is nitrogenous waste in the form of white paste birds excrete – that’s pretty much what the Republican Party is at this point, they are white pasty shit.

The Republican Party has taken pride in their self anointment of being super American, super Christian, super right, and super strong.

Republicans are not strong, they are wrong.

If Republicans are too scared, and intimidated to stand up to Donald, then they cannot be trusted to stand up to any threat America encounters.

Republicans are not the strong all-American superhero like patriots they project themselves to be. They are supersooks, crybabies whom have proven themselves to be cowards, timid, and weak in Donald’s shadow. They are scared of Tweets, and full of fright at the sight of losing their public service jobs. Yes, elected officials are public servants – in office to serve the people, not their portfolios, or a singular man.

Superheroes save people, supersooks don’t save anyone because they are scared and cowardly. The guano of white paste that makes up the Republican Party is trying to save Donald, they are trying to overturn democracy with lawsuits of fantasy and feces. The Republican mask of manure is melting, look at Rudy.

So, the next time you notice bird shit on your car, patio furniture, barbeque grill, or bicycle, think about the Republican Party, the Party of supersooks – and of course clean off the white pasty shit, because fecal matter is gross, and spreads disease.

Be a superhero in your household, and community, wear a mask so you don’t spread disease.

sook/so͞ok/noun: a timid cowardly person; a crybaby.

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