Putin is Thankful

While Americans gather around tables across the nation to celebrate Thanksgiving, breaking bread with family, and sharing what folks are thankful for, just remember, no one is more “thankful” than Putin. Trump has given Putin, The Thankful Tyrant, so much to be thankful for:

The dismantling of democracy

Republicans pushing false claims that Ukraine interferred in American elections

Increases in hate crimes

Interrupted chain of command in U.S. military (pardon me)

Voter suppression (a special shout out to Georgia and North Carolina)

Ignoring separation of church and state

Wearing racism like a badge of honor (thank you to the two Steves’ Bannon and Miller)

America not standing with Allies

Rejecting climate science

Condemning the press and journalists

Refusing facts

Ignoring the U.S. Constitution

Governmental chaos

Deconstruction of infrastructure

Putting kids in cages

Separating families

Denying health care to more people

Making it harder to own a home


Trade wars

The electoral college

Tulsi Gabbard (a 2020 version of Jill Stein)

The Law Firm of Barr, Giuliani & Kavanaugh

Mitch McConnell (Knight of the Kremlin Kentucky Konnection)


Making it normal to ignore a lawful subpoena

Increased stress and anxiety

Decreased life span

Increased diseases due to deforestation

Sixth man, Devin Nunes

and of course, sharks with laser beams.








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