Police kill porcupines in Maine held accountable, Police kill Breonna Taylor in Kentucky no accountability

Breonna Taylor was killed while sleeping in her home by police in Kentucky. It took an overwhelming public outcry, and an extensive amount of time, under secretive circumstances, for Daniel Cameron to set the stage, to clear police officers of killing Breonna Taylor. One officer was charged for shooting dry wall.


Porcupines killed in their natural habitat in Maine, resulted in two police officers being fired. No secretive drawn out grand jury, the two officers were held accountable. In fact, the officers were reported by a fellow officer. Read the reporting.

Insist that the lives of Black people matter. Say her name, Breonna Taylor. Protect Black women, not white privilege. Black women are not a “shadowy mass.”

* No porcupines were harmed in the writing of this piece.

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