“People closest to the pain should be closest to the power.” Ayanna Pressley

Obviously the coronavirus is impacting every soul on this planet. No one is immune to feeling the pain of this pandemic, it is painful for all. The coronavirus touches people of all races, and socioeconomic levels. Yet, as with most public health issues, and economic disasters, Black people absorb a higher percentage of the impact, the pain is hitting communities of color at statistically higher rates. Racial disparities are on full display, with the current coronavirus pandemic, communities of color are being hit hard across America. Why? Systematic racism.

Racial inequality in this country is highlighted with higher numbers of Black people dying from coronavirus in comparison to our fellow white citizens. Health care disparities in America are rooted in the nation’s original sins, slavery, and the genocide of Native Americans. Crisis reflects what is in our soul. This crisis reflects the concrete racism in America. To quote Spike Lee, “Do the right thing.” America, it is time to course correct, make people whole, and set things right. This is not about the status quo, this is about souls. Our soul.

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