Pardon Me Mr. President

Hmmm…why does Roger Stone keep referencing Marcus Garvey? It is not just odd, it is weird as hell. Is Stone planning a movement to Africa in hopes of resettlement? Is the name, Marcus Garvey, a safe word, signaling that Stone is still onboard the Trump Tyranny Train? Did Stone’s ancestral DNA reveal he is a descendant of Garvey by way of Jamaica?

What is with Stone’s strange referral to a bizarre guy, like Garvey, who promoted Black Nationalism and Pan-African philosophy? Is Stone a practitioner of Garveyism? Or maybe, Stone’s Nixon tattoo actually reveals a Garvey impression when Stone stands under a black light, outlining secret images, which map Garvey’s Black Star Line shipping routes from 1919, leading to buried treasure off the coast of Liberia.

This is insane and the intent of Stone’s Garvey references are cryptic. What is clear is Roger Stone’s absolute allegiance to Trump, and his invocation for a Presidential pardon from the Deity Don he worships – a pardon for himself and his dearly departed brother, Marcus Garvey.

Perhaps this is Roger Stone’s personal pledge of allegiance to Trump:

I pledge allegiance, to Donald Trump, over the United States of America.

And for Nationalism, with Trump I stand.

Dividing Americans and destroying peace.

Indivisible, with lies and cons.

Stripping away liberty, and justice for all.

There’s no telling what decree of loyalty King Trump requires for safe passage in his kingdom.

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