Origins of The Mueller Report Have Nothing To Do With Oranges

There is a massive amount of news flowing into the world, yet most of it gets swept away almost immediately to make room for the next Earth shattering story. No wonder the Senate Intelligence Report didn’t stick to the top of the news feed, given the fresh hell delivered daily by the Trump Administration. There are just too many criminalities, Individual 1, aka Donald Trump, is involved with to keep track of. An NCAA type bracket, would help organize the criminal connections, and provide a concise understandable visual. The main game in the Trump bracket would reveal the origin: Russia. A wise woman once said, “All roads lead to Russia,” when speaking about Trump – she was right – Nancy Pelosi knows what she’s talking about.

It’s understandable why Donald Trump would want to examine oranges, after all, there are over 600 varieties of oranges, therefore a deep dive into oranges is warranted. Oranges contain fiber, vitamin C, and potassium, not to mention 70% of the United States’ orange production is in Florida, Trump’s newly assigned home state. So, it makes sense he would want to scope out the oranges. And duh, Donald is orange, well at least his face is. Unfortunately, oranges are not what Donald is actually interested in eating, it’s The Mueller Report Donald is consumed with, and desperate to discredit.

The Senate Intelligence Report confirms, Donald Trump’s campaign coordinated, welcomed, and lied about Russian aid to gain benefit for his presidential run. The Report is damnatory, the Trump campaign subverted the democratic election process, accepted Russian assistance, and cheated to get elected. The Senate bipartisan report confirmed what most have known, and acknowledged years ago, Donald Trump dodged democracy, and welcomed Russian aid, in order to take the Oval Office. Although Trump’s ties to Russia are acidic, the origins of the Mueller Report have nothing to do with oranges.

As the standard bearer of the Republican Party, Donald Trump has fulfilled a Putin wish list no other American President has been able to achieve. Of course Donald’s success in fulfilling Putin’s wish list is at the expense of America. Nonetheless, the gifts Trump has given to Putin are dangerous, and the gift receipts prove it.

Here are a few golden gifts from Trump to Putin we are aware of:

Withdrawing America from The Paris Climate Agreement

Russian sanctions lifted

American troops out of Germany

Russian bounty’s on American troops ignored and denied

Weaken the health of Americans

Exasperate racial divide

Withdraw America’s support for the World Health Organization (WHO)

America at war with science

Flood Americans with disinformation

Discredit American intelligence agencies

Allow Russia to continue to infiltrate American elections

Disparage NATO

Diminish The United States of America on the world stage

Keep their oil money flowing like a showerhead with no restriction

Trump’s desire to shower Putin with golden gifts is indeed disturbing. However, hold off on drinking shots of orange infused vodka, there’s no telling what Putin may have put in it. Keep in mind, he poisons people who speak out against him – and Agent Oranges’ proclivity is to protect Putin, not The People.

Donald speaking about oranges.

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