November will be a red wave…just not the red wave Republicans expect

November mid-terms will be a red wave, it just won’t be the red wave Republicans are expecting, Aunt Flow, and her sisters, will be in full force in November, leaving her mark not only on pads but, on politics.

The vast majority of American women understand that voting for democrats is a means to an end, an end to having our bodies controlled and our minds ignored. Republicans will control women’s bodies, unless women vote and put an end to their political power. Trump appointed Republican Supreme Court justices, took away a constitutional right from women, however, they didn’t take away our will to fight.

Women will vote in record numbers for Democrats and Roe v. Wade is one of the driving forces. Trust and believe, it’s not only women – men will vote for democrats too, upholding the rights of their friends, wives, daughters, and mothers.

Republicans keep calling for authoritative power through an iron fist. Well, Republicans will be powered out of office, with real iron…from women.

Some called it Eve’s curse but she thought that was stupid, and the real curse of Eve was having to put up with the nonsense of Adam, who as soon as there was any trouble, blamed it all on her.

Margaret Atwood

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