Nod to Nixon

During a 1977 interview with, Sir David Frost, regarding President Nixon’s criminal actions in office, Dick Nixon arrogantly stated, “Well, when the President does it, that means that it is not illegal,” which is also the motto of the current President, Individual 1. Most white people regularly operate like the rules do not apply¬†to them, Donald is simply a magnified reflection of this. Donald Trump, is under numerous investigations, yet Donald trivializes¬†the Constitution, as he has done with laws throughout his life, thus far without consequence or accountability. It sure does seem like we are witnessing an altered nod to Nixon. Altered in the sense that current Republicans, lack the willingness to serve the People of America, preferring instead to corrupt themselves, to cover for a man, and that man is Donald Trump. Republicans call him “the chosen one” however, court documents call him, Individual 1.

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