No Norms, Now Normalized

The talk is endless regarding Donald Trump breaking the norms of American democracy, so much so, that coverage of Trump’s daily disregard of norms, has become normalized. This norm busting (often illegal), is regularly accepted with a shrug, excused as semantics, or worse, not taken seriously. There is ample evidence suggesting, Trump may be a jackass, many people thought the “J” in Donald J. Trump, actually stood for Jackass, that is incorrect, the “J” stands for John. It is difficult for a reasonable person, to hear the bizarre, mangled speeches, Trump delivers, in which he wonders through subject matter like, flushing toilets, television ratings, and dishwashers, without at some point thinking, “This guy might be a jackass.”

Ignoring Congressional subpoenas, is not normal, silencing the intelligence community by not having them testify in an annual threat assessment, is not normal. Who gets away with this? A rich white guy. Face it America, Donald J. Trump is affluenza on steroids.

MSNBC Contributor, Maya Wiley, Former Civil Prosecutor, in the Southern District of New York, described it best saying, “When you have a person, who in this case happens to be Donald Trump, who doesn’t care about the law, they rarely care about the norms, because often our norms are governed by our laws.”

Common sense advise to Senate Republicans: Overcome your fear of Trump Tweets, step away from the bias of your base, you don’t have¬†Stockholm syndrome, you have a severe phobia of facts. To overcome a phobia, you expose yourself to what you fear, in a safe and controlled environment. The impeachment trail of Donald J. Trump, is that safe and controlled environment.

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