No More Mass Shootings.

Another mass murder, another mass shooting, this time on America’s birthday, in a nation that is home to the uniquely American occurrence of mass shootings and an abundance of guns.

No more. This has to stop. No more excuses.

Mass shootings at grocery stores, schools, businesses, college campuses, movie theaters. Where will it happen next?

This time, the mass shooting was at a Fourth of July parade in the suburb of Highland Park, Illinois.

Where are we safe in America? Where can we go in America? When will public spaces be safe places?

The Republican led Supreme Court ruled in favor of guns. Republican Supreme Court Justices decided to strictly look at the second amendment from an “originalist perspective” disregarding current circumstances. In other words, they preferred to base law on Revolutionary-era muskets instead of the rapid fire, high capacity, AR15 reality America is currently in.

More murdered Americans on America’s birthday. Shame on the Supreme Court for its deadly decision to make America’s public spaces even less safe.

Unlike the conceal carry law the Supreme Court supports, I cannot conceal how this hurts, all of these shootings hurt. My soul aches for every soul in Highland Park, Illinois.

America, please…this has to stop. We cannot accept this as a normal part of American life.

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