No Lost Cause, Confederate Symbols Must Go

The Lost Cause, is a racist effort to rewrite history, at the hand of white people, desperate to distort the Civil War into a mythical heroic event for white southerns. The Civil War – yes, it is the Civil War, not northern aggression, reshaped America. The United States was victorious over the Confederate States, no racist symbol will change this fact. The Confederate States were conquered, they lost the Civil War. Honoring Confederate generals, flags, or symbols is not honoring heritage, it’s honoring hate. If traitors to America, are revered, then a statue of Benedict Arnold should be erected at the White House, pointing at Trump, with the inscription: “You thought I was a traitor, look at this guy.” No schools named after Confederate generals, no statues, no streets, no military bases – this will not erase history, it will reflect history, and humanity. Imagine, if there were an Adolf Hitler High School, or highway, right now? Glorifying the confederacy, is glorifying contempt for America, and again, it’s racist. Another lost cause, Donald Trump, he refuses to accept defeat, he grasps at pseudo history, pushing lies, conjecture, and fantastical stories, in an effort to alter his own failures. Trump professes to love the American flag, he even hugs it – if it were a Confederate flag, he’d try to grab it by the pussy. Teach history, don’t “edit” with symbols of false heroes. History is the final draft.

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