News Flash: Steve King is Racist

The fog of indifference to racism lifted marginally among some Republicans, however only with regard to Steve Arnold King, who represents the 4th district of Iowa, where his office desk displays a Confederate flag. Quick note: Iowa was not part of the Confederacy.

Republicans voted to remove King from two committees – Judiciary and Agricultural. What took Republicans so long? We’ve known for a while that King is racist, better late than never I suppose. Perhaps with the extra time, sans the committee work, King can contribute time toward writing a version of one of his favorite books, The Camp of Saints.

Some are choosing to soften statements made by King, preferring to extend guidance to King’s comments by describing them as inflammatory statements. Shocking, people still think it’s worse to call out someone that is racist versus actually being a racist. Don’t fall for it, call out racism.

Now, if only Republicans would allow this light of moral awareness to keep shining and speak out against the racist statements made by their own party leader and standard bearer. It’s time.

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