Montgomery, Alabama Elects First Black Mayor

A former Confederate capital, Montgomery, AL has elected its first Black Mayor, Steven Reed. On October 8, Reed was officially voted in as Montgomery’s Mayor. Following the election, an Alabama real estate agent, choose to engage bigotry, with a Facebook ad, displaying an eXp Reality logo stating:

“Hey Montgomery, Don’t Like The Election Results?? CALL ME!! Let’s SELL That Home While The Market Is HOT!,”

white flight noun: the phenomenon of white people moving out of urban areas, particularly those with significant minority populations, and into suburban racially homogeneous areas.

That real estate agent has since been fired from eXp Reality. With the fall of white only rule in Montgomery’s Mayor’s office, perhaps the fall of Confederate statues will finally be next. How about this idea, melt down all the Confederate statues and make a monument to peace and unity. Upon his election, Reed actively promoted a message of unity to campaign supporters:

“Let the results of this night show what we can do when we come together around positivity and opportunity, This election has never been just about me or just about my ideas. It’s been about the hopes and dreams that we have collectively in this city.” Steven Reed.




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