Money and morons are funding the madness of gun violence

We are only 25 days into 2023 yet, there have been 39 mass shootings in America.

The mass shootings in Monterey Park and Half Moon Bay are horrific and heartbreaking. Flowers were still being laid for Monterey Park when a mass shooting at Half Moon Bay was reported. Mass shootings cannot be dismissed as normal. Every statistic represents a soul – a human being killed by gun violence.

For fucks sake, a dog shot and killed their owner. A toddler was filmed walking around with a gun. A six year old shot their teacher. This is madness.

There are too many guns in America. More guns will not make people more safe. The gun industry is abusing the second amendment, it is being used as a shield from accountability and responsibility.

Readily available guns, assault rifles, and ammunition meant for war, are everywhere. No more AR15s and JR15s. This is madness. Whether it’s an accidental shooting or an active shooter, guns are the common denominator. America, we don’t need all these damn guns.

NRA talking points are moronic. Guns do kill people. That’s what they are designed to do. They are instruments made to kill.

America needs to get pissed about gun violence like it got pissed about Ticketmaster swindling concert goers out of Taylor Swift tickets. Demand action. Require all guns to be registered, tax all fire arms, tax all ammunition, require gun licenses, require gun safety tests for all gun owners, ban assault rifles, require gun owner insurance, ban guns from all public spaces, restrict where guns are sold, mandate an age requirement for gun ownership.

Require transparency from the gun industry instead of requiring kindergarteners to have transparent backpacks.

The majority of America supports responsible gun ownership and shares the goal of putting an to end gun violence. Money and morons are funding the madness of gun violence. Stop the madness.