Midwest Moscow

Russian state-owned media will broadcast Russian propaganda on America’s airways. Guess we are not in Kansas anymore, Midwest Moscow is moving in. We are witnessing baby steps to tyranny, little by little, bit by bit, Russia is planting its message in America. The 2016 elections, were not the start nor the end, of Russian interference, Radio Sputnik is building a platform for Americans to tune into tyranny. WTF Kansas? Will Kremlin, Kansas become an actual city? What amount of money would transform the Kansas City Mavericks, into the Moscow Mavericks? Perhaps Trump simply could not find a silver platter big enough to serve America on for Russia, therefore, he decided to bend over, and use his corpulent corrupt ass, as the platter upon which to deliver America to his Moscow Master.

I realize there are sensitivities among some white Americans, when the word, “woke” is utilized. It may generate a physical reaction, which manifests itself in the form of screaming, whining, flag hugging, defensive posturing, increased consumption of mayonnaise, and in rare but, extreme cases, tiki torch carrying. Having said that, the midwest, along with the rest of America, needs to wake up, emerge from the anesthesia white people. You are being bamboozled, the orange guy you are cheering for, will sacrifice you in a second for himself. It’s nothing to be ashamed of, you are being deceived by a despot, being used as a pawn to protect a President, who has eluded responsibility for his racket, under the guise of being a Republican.

Be woke, not weak. Russian interference is not a hoax, it is real. Unlike the 1930’s radio broadcast, in which Orson Welles convinced Americans that aliens from Mars invaded Earth. People panicked over a radio broadcast, about an alien invasion from Mars. The real panic, should be in Putin’s invasion of our American Democracy. The Russians literally invaded the American Presidential election, and are continuing to do so. Putin has clearly done his homework on American mentality, he is counting on fear overtaking fact, he is banking on racism overtaking reason. The radio broadcast of invaders, is from Moscow, not Mars, and this time, it’s real. If Kansas tunes in, believing the tyranny, allowing the electromagnetic waves of Russian radio frequency to perverse its psyche, I suggest putting your wheat fields to another use, and make massive quantities of vodka, because you are going to need it.

H.G. Wells, War of the Worlds, 1938 Orson Welles radio broadcast.


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