Magic 8 Ball Appointed Top Trump Advisor

Trump relies upon a Magic 8 Ball to make decisions. Of course, he selectively accepts only affirmative responses, ensuring to ask specific questions, which suite his personal needs. Therefore, in Trump’s faux panorama, “All is well.” When Trump needs answers to the serious, complicated, intricate decisions a President regularly faces, the Magic 8 Ball provides clear solid answers. No worries folks, Trump has the Magic 8 Ball in one hand, and a TV remote in the other, he’s in the zone. Impressed by the decisive direction provided by the plastic black sphere, and its comforting blue dye, Trump signed an executive order, making the Magic 8 Ball a Presidential Advisor. 

It is certain.

It is decidedly so.

Without a doubt.

Yes – definitely.

You may rely on it.

As I see it, yes.

Most likely.

Outlook good.


Signs point to yes.

All is well.

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