“Lives come before the economy.” Robert Reich

“You cannot make a livelihood if you are not alive.” Dr. Jorge Rodriguez 


World Health Organization (WHO) –  America is on track to be the next coronavirus epicenter. 

Brace yourselves for one of Donald Trump’s most ill advised decisions ever. Donald is prepared to decree that people get back to business, by Easter, which is Sunday, April 12. So, in a few days, Donald will demand “sacrifice” from everyone, for his ego, which is enabled by the economy, and his cult of followers. This is lunacy. Do not play politics with a pandemic. Do not place value in Donald feeling “good” about a particular drug he thinks has magical promise. Listen to scientists, put value in facts. Do no harm, is the oath doctors honor, while Donald does, what is good for Donald, dispersing disinformation. Unlike Donald, the coronavirus does not care how rich you are, what color you are, your political affiliation, or if you hold a degree from Trump University. Speaking of universities, Trump’s friend, Jerry Falwell Jr. maintains Liberty University, is open. Take note of the similarities between the religious cult leader in China, under scrutiny for not being transparent, and evading efforts to stop the spread of the virus, with the leader of a religious university in America, who’s ignoring scientific fact, potentially exposing students, faculty, and putting every person they are in contact with, at risk, spreading the virus, by ignoring the medical necessity for social distancing, to reopen a university campus.

Listen to data from scientists, not Donald Trump. Donald’s idiocy regarding coronavirus, and social isolation is infecting the health of America. Donald is worst than Burke, played by Paul Reiser, in the 1986 film Aliens, in which Burke focused on how he could make money, even if that meant sacrificing the lives of Ripley, played by Sigourney Weaver, and Newt, played by Carrie Henn. Even a “president” in a Hollywood film, would have implemented a national shelter in place order by now. Donald does not grasp that human sacrifice, to reopen businesses, will not rescue the economy. The priority is saving lives, not saving Trump’s presidency.

Time to once again, call Lt. General Russel L. Honoré to lead America, in global cooperation, through this pandemic. Donald lacks the capacity, compassion, and credibility to lead. We don’t have time to waste. Everyday without clear, transparent, concise leadership from the White House places lives at further risk. Think about anyone you love, or like, are you okay with Donald controlling the resources that will determine their health, and your health? America needs a President that says, “I take responsibility.” American needs a President who will take the (overdue) action required. A leader who is not hesitant to accept, and distribute tests, because they are worried about the inevitable high number of cases. We need an actual leader, not a person who played “a leader” on television.

Simon Sinek filled the world with a best seller, Leaders Eat Last, and now we must fill the void of leadership in the Oval Office with a leader who will actually eat last, not a leader who shoves people out of the way in order to eat first, and often. We do not need a leader, guided by self-interest, whom is more concerned with public relations, instead of public health. Face it, Donald will not have the Homer Simpson epiphany, “In order to save myself, I must save Springfield.” The similarities between Homer Simpson, and Donald basically stop at physical appearance. Donald will not be humble, allowing the scientists, and medical community to take the lead, providing them what they need. So, let’s get Lt. General Russel L. Honoré on deck, stat.

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