Life is Subject to Issues and Errors

Salacious details of intimate marital elements are often difficult to avoid going public when those involved are in rarified air, and in this era of social media, even regular folks find their own relationship woes in the public arena. Is it America’s puritanical roots of religious righteousness that compels people to scrutinize and cast judgment on the marriage mishaps of others? Or, is it tabloid driven townspeople, with an obsession for knowing the personal escapades in other people’s relationships? Regardless of the reason, society should consider progressing past the voyeuristic desire to peep into the private window of other people’s relationships. It’s as though every person, is a patron to every relationship, cheering and spectating, like armchair partners, to relationships they have no part in. Why are people not only fanatical to know about the intimate relationships of others, but equally zealous in calling foul, on what they determine to be preternatural, according to personal perspective? Adultery is in violation of the Ten Commandments, however, not illegal in most professions. Abuse, harassment, and violence are illegal. Society is in a state of arrested development, giggling with the callow immaturity of a pre-teen, while exacting exploitation, and judgment with the arbitrary issue of epithets, and scarlet letters in an “adult” world, where few are allowed the space to experience, evolve and mature. Are mistake free lives and relationships a requirement for public acceptance or advancement? I doubt anyone lives with the so-called, purity of Philip Johnson’s Glass House, completely free of the clutter, a life actually lived, will inevitably produce. Philip Johnson’s own life reflected his acceptance and embrace of fascism during a period of time. He even designed a building for Donald Trump. No, I am not equating adultery to fascism. Full stop. Simply highlighting, that the glass house guy, lived a life with a pocket full of racist rocks, in an actual glass house. Imagine the ingenuity, or invention, humanity could forgo, due to the fear of social retribution for relationship retrograde, with a society that lacks the awareness to acknowledge, that another person’s relationship, is not theirs to nature or napalm. Therefore, avoid thou shalting all over yourself, and accept that life is subject to issues and errors.


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