Let them apply to college, it’s adorable.

Oh, let them apply to college, it’s simply adorable, the wealthy are accustom to getting what they want, even if they don’t earn it. Income inequality is far reaching, with sizable impact beyond a paycheck – it opens access, resources, options, and protections, afforded to the wealthy, and of course, their children. We’ve had to endure the faux outrage of rich kids, screaming that their wealth is of no influence or result of their wealthy parents, by insisting they are strictly and purely self-made. There is nothing wrong with being rich, what is wrong is when the rich don’t acknowledge their advantage and use their wealth to further take advantage of others. Whatever happened to following, “To whom much is given, much is expected,” or is that now frowned upon, and considered wealth shaming?

Operation “Varsity Blues” shed a spotlight on what many regular folks already knew, rich kids have advantage with their own program of privilege, which is evident on numerous levels. From the kids that get a solo, lead role, or more playing time because their parents wrote a check, to kids getting into college because their parents’ bribed an administrator. Wealth begets wealth, ultimately, most rich kids will grow up vitiated with the entitlement gene, that informs their behavior. Reflected in their inability to accept responsibility, and the avoidance of collaboration, preferring people work for them instead of working with them.

America has established its own aristocracy, the wealthy enjoy benefits of a disparate system, that has calcified and is normalized across the board. The irony is, wealthy people dangle a “carrot” for regular folks, with the incentive of, one day you may go from regular to rich. So, don’t rock the boat or you will miss out on getting the yacht. And, regular folks often times covet the carrot by not voting, or voting against their well being in favor of wealthy candidates, whom are selfish instead of self-made.


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