It’s Not Donald 2024 We Should Worry About, It’s Donald’s Seditious Spawn

Donald running in 2024 is not the major concern America should be focused on, it’s his seditious spawn that we need to be worried about. Donald Trump’s personal swamp spawned Ivanka, Donnie Jr., and Eric, all of whom are actively involved in politics, with a focus on pushing the patriarchal proclivities of their dear dad. Even Eric’s wife, Lara is swimming in the acidic aquatic waters of Trump’s patriarchal politics with an apparent plan to run in North Carolina. The MAGA Monarchy is trying to make America “Trump” forever.

Thanks to Republican Senators choosing to ignore the insurrection Donald incited, America needs to be prepared for what may happen when Donald’s offspring run for office and lose. Will the North Carolina state capitol be stormed if Lara loses her run? Will the US Capitol be stormed again if Ivanka, Donnie Jr., or Eric lose their respective future bids for office? What will happen when a candidate the Trump family endorses loses? Sedition cannot be par for the course when someone loses an election. Now that Republicans have telegraphed the message that losing American elections is open to be overturned by violence, as reflected in the Republican Party’s vote not to convict Donald, Americans would be naive to ignore the Republican Party pattern of behavior – a pattern that does not protect the vote of The People. The majority of Republicans are warts in the White House, small hard growths caused by a virus, except they are not benign, they are spreaders of a MAGA malignancy – the lie of white supremacy.

America, we need to keep our heads on a swivel, there’s no telling what the Republican Party, led by the MAGA Monarchy of Donald and his seditious spawn, may do when they lose elections in the future. Clearly, the “consequence free” MAGA Monarchy of Donald, Ivanka, Donnie Jr. and Eric, have no deterrence from a more organized future power grab. Democracy barely held it together this time – things could have been drastically different, with horrific results. Those participating in the insurrection this time around included military veterans, Republican elected officials, firefighters, retired law enforcement, and of course Donald himself, who incited the crowd, planned “Wild Wednesday,” continually made public statements that the election was stolen from him, and encouraged his followers, to take back their government. Ivanka Tweeted that the insurrectionists were patriots as the attack was underway, then “deleted” the Tweet worried it might tarnish her curated cover of being calm and cultured.

Hmm…how do you think Donald and his MAGA Monarchy will react when Ivanka loses? Hell hath no fury like Ivanka denied the golden goose. We know how much Donald and the Trump family covet golden things, like parachutes, toilets and showers. Trump’s don’t lose with grace, they lose with grievance. America needs to prep for future MAGA meltdowns. This insurrection was a pilot, and Republicans decided to pick up production of the full series.

Future election of a “Trump” would be a wart on American democracy. By the way, Veruca, means wart.

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