Simply put, awareness reflects that selected rich white men are invincible to accountability to law, as we observe the “handling” of the current American President, who continues to act unassailable to the rule of law that any other person (even a rich one) would be held accountable. Donald Trump works the “system” because the “system” allows it. The “system” is composed of actual people, primarily white people, primarily white males, whose primary objective is maintaining possession of power. Only a rich white man could twist, and manipulate the American judiciary in such an unapologetic self-serving fashion. Trump has the protection of the appointed Attorney General, the recent Supreme Court appointees, the Republican Senate, extensive legal resources, an entire network at Fox, a tabloid, the Treasury Secretary, Saudi financial support, the friendly connection to oligarchs, Putin, and of course the built-in protection that inherently comes with being a rich, white, male. What we are observing unfold with relation to world Democracy via Trump, is a palpable example that justice is not blind and laws are not a system of rules that regulate or enforce penalties, laws are mere suggestions for some. Perhaps America is incapable of acknowledging whiteness may be too powerful to overcome. What the founding fathers built to avoid, ironically laws ended up protecting. It’s about power.

in·vin·ci·ble /inˈvinsəb(ə)l/ adjective: too powerful to be defeated or overcome.

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