In Sweeping and Systematic Fashion, Republicans are Ride or Lie for Trump

By Tami Warren

Willful blindness, noun, meaning a deliberate failure to make a reasonable inquiry of wrongdoing despite suspicion or an awareness of the high probability of its existence. Republicans are actively engaged in willful blindness with regard to Donald Trump, the actions of his campaign, and his administration. Republicans are making a public choice of pusillanimity, preferring to bow to Trump, instead of standing for America. Republicans have morphed into parasites of patriotism, they refuse to accept that the sarcoma inflicted upon the Presidency, by the Republican President, requires immediate removal to avert the spread to healthy tissue.

I am not accustomed to being provided the benefit of the doubt – ever. Black folks know, the benefit of the doubt, along with guaranteed voting rights, are elements we don’t count on. I have never thought, “I’ll get the benefit of the doubt,” literally never, has that thought crossed my mind. However, I have observed “the benefit of the doubt” is something my white counterparts not only rely on, they expect. Being afforded the benefit of the doubt, is an element most white people take for granted, mainly because it comes automatically, built-in with being white, one of those special unearned items, that magically comes with being white. Disparity with enforcement of rules and the law, largely favors white people, after all white people mainly establish and enforce laws. Therefore, observing the current display of white privilege on steroids, that is the Trump Presidency, with “legal professionals” in the American judicial system, contort, warp and bend themselves to accommodate the illegal offenses of Donald Trump, seems par for course. Not a surprise to see William Barr, White House Public Relations Liaison, whose side hustle is Attorney General, contort his compliant rotund frame to shield Trump, at all costs, democracy be damned. I concede, it is oddly humorous to observe white people react to this prime display of white privilege, watching white people give Barr the benefit of the doubt, thinking he would do the right thing. Only to be disappointed, when Barr embraces the corruption he should be fighting. But the curious humor of it all does not sustain. Alas, my social interest, in the heresy that is white privilege, is dulled, as my patriotic citizen interest, in the pillars of democracy soars, with an earnest need to protect (yes, protect) democracy.

Every choice we make, every action we take is connected to intention. Intention matters. The intention of Trump was branding the greed and glory of winning, gaining power and fame by any means. Let us not forget, Trump is the same guy who always does everything on his own, from the small million dollar loan to start his billion dollar organization, to his decree of being the “I alone can fix it,” guy on the Republican stage, to being the healthiest person to ever hold the office of President, to hiring the best people. Donald Trump has repeated his self-made myth ad nauseam. So, of course Trump will never admit anyone helped him win the Presidency, by influence, manipulation, intimidation, or otherwise. The intention of Republicans, is to cover and protect party power, via Donald Trump, at all costs. This is clear when, White House Public Relations Liaison, a.k.a. Attorney General, William Barr, lied about the Mueller report, knowing the public would eventually see the report. This is clear when Republicans simply say, “let’s move on,” after numerous links to Russia and Trump are revealed. This is clear when Republicans fight to protect Russia, instead of actually fighting Russia.

Congress must honor America, and their duty to impeach. Fear of popularity is not an excuse. Teachers have a responsibility to report, so does Congress, you don’t get to look way because timing is inconvenient. There’s a saying, “When you see something, say something,” well, we see something, now is the time to say something, the Mueller report, as the New York Times detailed, “lays bare how Mr. Trump was elected with the help of a foreign power.” We cannot ignore or dismiss the work of solid journalism. If it were not for the diligent, industrious work of steadfast journalism, the American public would be exposed to the plague of propaganda pouring from this poisonous Presidency, where patient zero holds court in the Oval Office.

This is what the Democratic Congress was elected to do – put a check on Trump, that means holding him accountable. Republicans will not hold Trump accountable, the American people knew this, and the people voted for representatives who would. Congress, is a co-equal branch of government, the Executive Branch is not a Monarchy. As the Mueller report (and Founding Fathers) expressed, “Congress has authority to stop corrupt use of Presidential power.” Even Trump knows he’s wrong, as reflected in his response upon hearing that a Special Counsel was appointed, to investigate him, by saying, “Oh my God. This is terrible. This is the end of my Presidency. I’m fucked.” Yes, you usually are fucked when you ask the NSA Director, to rebuke Russian election interference. It is not justifiable for any member of Congress or any member of the Senate to not hold the President accountable.

William Barr’s statements thus far have been shameful, watching Barr  express how he has seen the dim light of love within Donald Trump, proclaiming it was not obstruction on Trump’s part rather Trump’s frustration, is odd behavior for an Attorney General. Watching the curious performance of Barr’s reflection of affection for his client, Donald Trump, while lamenting over Trump being spied upon is embarrassing, for a professional law enforcement officer. One thing is clear, Trump has finally found his Roy Cohn. I wonder what dating app Trump utilized to find his “new” Cohn, as the two are a match made in the Hotbed of Hypocrite Heaven. Barr is clearly Trump’s defense attorney, as he is not adhering to the job description or the oath of Attorney General. It doesn’t seem like Barr read the same report Mueller wrote, as there is no exoneration for Trump in the Mueller Report. Allow Congress to do its job, unlike Barr, the majority of American people can handle the truth.

Barr went out of his way to state his tender feelings for Trump, displaying an uncomfortable level of anger towards anyone, who dared to ask Barr about his obvious exhibiting of bias. Barr appeared defensive, going beyond acceptable perimeters of the position, by literally defending Trump, while his client, otherwise known as, “Individual 1,” continues attacks on Mueller, journalism, and the F.B.I. Trump has managed to pull into his orbit, those with a proclivity for ignoring the rule of law and a willingness to destroy the foundation of democracy. Who does America turn to when the “Chief Law Enforcement Officer” doesn’t follow the law? Is there an emergency lever to pull? Can we call Shondaland‘s, B613?

Barr is openly contaminating the Department of Justice. No mention of the Russian attacks on American democracy in order to elect Donald Trump. It’s literally in the title of the Mueller Report, yet no mention of Russia infiltrating and attacking America to elect a Putin friendly President in America. Because the attack was fingers on key boards instead of boots on the ground, doesn’t lessen the impact. I’m not Laurence Tribe, but how high up the ladder do Russian contacts, Russian outreach, Russian messaging, Russian influence, Russian communication, asking virtually all around you to fire the special counsel, have to go before someone finally removes the man in charge of building and leading the ladder?

Trump refused to be interviewed by Mueller and perhaps doesn’t have the best brain afterall, as exhibited in his Mueller-take-home-test, Trump couldn’t recall much of anything, and apparently neither can Barr. Don’t forget, at the Helsinski Summit, Trump actually thought it was a good idea to hand over, the former U.S. Ambassador to Russia, Micheal McFaul, to Putin. And of course, held a one-on-one meeting with his partner, Putin, sans any U.S. officaial, only to later take the translator notes. At the end of the day, the Russians were successful to some degree, Russia got their guy as President, Russia won the Oval office, Russia controls the Republican Party vis a vis the Republican Party standard bearer, Russia further divided America, and Russia exasperated rifts with American Allies. Hopefully, the match isn’t over, Williams Sisters on deck, we need someone to serve for team America. This time, all Americans stand with the home team, no Palm Springs fiasco of cheering for the Russians.

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