In America we don’t have to agree.

In America We Don’t Have To Agree

By Tami Warren

We don’t all need to agree.

We don’t all need to be eye to eye, to see.

We don’t all need to make everything all about me.

We don’t all need to believe in a god.

We don’t all need to have the same type of bod.

We don’t all need to carry a gun.

We don’t all need to agree on what it is to have fun.


We do need to stop assaulting each other.

Simply because we don’t agree with one another.

Or because we don’t want to be a mother.

You can’t kill someone because they offended your god.

Or kill a person because they turned out to be a fraud.

America is a democracy for a reason.

Democracy stands for The People regardless of the season.

We simply must agree in equality for all people.

Regardless of our economic privilege, ethnicity, or choice of worship in divinity.

America is a land where we follow laws not loyalties.

A nation where common people have the power.

Not rich or poor lying cowards, trying take away The People’s power.

In America, we can agree to disagree, but not about our democracy.

America is place with winners and losers, do gooders and some wrong doers.

Losers will sometimes cry foul when they lose.

Kick up a ruckus, because they don’t like what The People choose.

Let ‘em cry, let ‘em squeal.

But, we can’t let ‘em kill, steal, or take away The People’s will.

In America we don’t have to agree.

We simply have to see each other and respect our democracy.

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