Grant Wahl

Grant Wahl died in Qatar while reporting during the World Cup. Wahl stood up for human rights regardless of the political climate…and the climate is rough in Qatar, where homosexuality is illegal. Speaking in support of human rights prompts more than a yellow card at the World Cup, it places a spotlight on Qatar’s treatment of gay people. Grant Wahl was a journalist who helped shine that light.

Wahl, a veteran sports writer, put his platform to good use, reporting on the inhuman treatment of migrant workers and by wearing a rainbow soccer ball shirt to the World Cup in solitary with LGBTQ people. Wearing a rainbow shirt resulted in Wahl being detained by security forces in Qatar. Qatari forces took his phone and demanded he remove his shirt. Eric Wahl, Grant’s brother, stated that his brother received death threats because of the rainbow shirt while in Qatar.

“He was especially concerned about people whose rights were being violated.” Eric Wahl on his brother Grant.

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