George Carlin: The Timeless Truth Teller

George Carlin, the timeless truth teller, thoughtfully confronted seven dirty words* along with the status quo without fear.

Think, cachinnate, and for fuck’s sake vote. We need not endure corrupt shit, constructed by privileged cocksuckers in Washington D.C., or on Wall Street. The good old boys club is comprised of cunts, who only care about the size of the tits in their respective portfolios. Insist upon your right to vote. This powerful expression, will leave an immutable impression, upon the motherfuckers destroying democracy, in The People’s House, to piss off. Vote with awareness. “We The People,” will give rise to a world, in which racism, sexism, corruption, homophobia, and poverty, are considered the obscenity, not euphonious outrage, where decency is conflated with dignity.

Critical thinking is the enemy of the status quo, and apathy, its ally. Vote.

*The seven dirty words George Carlin examined in his 1972 comedic monologue are: shit, piss, fuck, cunt, cocksucker, motherfucker, and tits.

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