General Full of Grace

“The less you associate with some people, the more your life will improve.
Any time you tolerate mediocrity in others, it increases your mediocrity. An
important attribute in successful people is their impatience with negative
thinking and negative acting people. As you grow, your associates will
change. Some of your friends will not want you to go on. They will want you
to stay where they are. Friends that don’t help you climb will want you to
crawl. Your friends will stretch your vision or choke your dream. Those that
don’t increase you will eventually decrease you.” General Colin Powell

A man full of grace, who was mindful to put people over politics. A man who lived life with more rejoice than regret. A man who made his 84 years around the sun positively impact more people than himself. General Colin Powell was a helluva man.

“The simple but true fact of life is that you become like those with whom you
closely associate – for the good and the bad.” General Colin Powell.

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