Fool’s Gold

The gold plated GOP and the Hollywood Foreign Press Association (HFPA) seem keen on keeping Black people from voting for actual politicians or anyone in The Politician.

The GOP is set to match the Hollywood Foreign Press Association’s Black voter representation number of zero, with a blockbuster release of nationwide voter suppression laws. Once the GOP eliminates Black people’s votes, elimination of democracy will follow.

The Hollywood Foreign Press Association’s public relations firm, Moore Ayran, Little Brown & Sans Black, said the HFPA tried to make changes to voting members in its Golden Globes caste cast, however argued that 78 years was simply not enough time to implement any changes.

A curated collection of Donald Trump red ties will serve as the red carpet for this years Golden Globes, which is now scheduled to air on FOX. Word on the street is Tucker Carlson was tapped to host the ceremony, however the ‘entertainment’ TV personality is hesitant to do so as the word ‘foreign’ frightens him.

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