Fist Bump Fever

Spread of the Coronavirus is not “if” in the United States, it is “when” according to the Centers For Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), for accurate information on transmission, testing, and protection, go to the CDC website.

One thing we all need to evolve on, is hand shaking. Thankfully Black people invented a greeting, referred to as a, fist bump, in which people make a fist, and bump their fists together, then pull their firsts away. Additional hand gestures, and or dance moves may be added for personal style, or individual expression.

If you are new to the fist bump, simply stick to a single bump, until you are ready to incorporate additional moves. Remember, the most important element here is to limit physical touch, yet create a safe space for a greeting. You might look cool, you might not, the level of coolness is not important, however, fever, cough, and shortness of breathe are symptomatic.

Black culture saves the day, again, and we have Black athletes to thank for the fist bump, not the Wonder Twins, they didn’t fist bump, they were twins with extraterrestrial powers to transform into water, or an eagle. Give Black folks credit where credit is due. Resist the urge to manipulate, and twist the fist bump into a, ‘Bo Derek invented cornrows’ delusion. Nothing but good energy to the Wonder Twins, and Bo Derek. This is no time to argue origin. Now is the time for all people to look out for one another, and come together. But, not too close, fist bump in lieu of a hand shake. And of course, wash your hands.

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