“Filibuster now, filibuster tomorrow, filibuster forever!”

“Segregation now, segregation tomorrow, segregation forever,” was the hate filled rally cry of George Wallace in 1963. Now, white elected officials, and Tim Scott, are echoing that hate filled rally cry with their filibuster filled fight to prevent The People’s vote from being heard.

Don’t get it twisted, Tim knew what he was doing in the “negotiations” on police reform. Tim was performative. Representing his client, albeit at the crack of a whip. He was there to ensure no progress was made, and mission accomplished, no progress got made.

What’s old is new again, a repackaged rally cry, fusing words and phrases into a twisted marketing campaign invoking trigger provoking words like, freedom, voter interference, woke, CRT, crusade for life, equality, accountability, and American.

Their next infusion of fear will be titled, Freedom for the Filibuster, with the hate filled rally cry, “Filibuster now, filibuster tomorrow, filibuster forever!”

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