Donald taking a cue from Regina George, depicting himself as Victim in Johnny Ratcliffe version of ‘The Trump Burn Book’

Donald is taking a cue from Regina George, trying to depict himself as a causality in a Johnny Ratcliffe version of, “The Trump Burn Book,” by creating confusion and chaos.

In yet another desperate effort to distract the public from the truth about Donald’s disastrous deeds, the Trump cult is throwing out anything and everything, to draw attention away from the fact that Donald is cozy with the Kremlin, openly trying to suppress the American vote, and has a secret Chinese bank account. Individual 1, a.k.a. Donald Trump, failed America on the Covid-19 response, and continues to fail as the death toll mounts. Like a mean girl who lies and bullies the student body, school administrators, and messages in, “The Burn Book,” Donald is playing the victim in crimes he committed. Don’t let Donald distract from the facts. Donald is incapable of leading, or protecting America. Don’t let ’em fool you.

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