Disco and Democracy

Why is anyone shocked Billy Barr is in Trump’s pocket? Whether it is a pundit, journalist, or a non-news affiliated regular person, the actions of Trump’s Consigliere, Billy Barr, should not inspire surprise in anyone. Why did pundits, with impressive titles like, Former Head of (insert name here) Agency, or people with podcasts, place trust in Billy Barr? Especially when the writing was on the wall during Billy’s confirmation hearing. Not to mention the complicit, now accomplices, formerly known as the Republican Party, who believe Trump “learned” lessons from Impeachment. Sure, he learned he can do whatever he wants to do. King Trump’s actions are no surprise, neither are Billy Barr’s. The “Justice” Department, is literally under the volatile, arrogant, and grossly ignorant command of Trump, as he fires, attacks, and punishes anyone who speaks out against him, the self-anointed Ruler of the GOP. Hell, I’m seriously nervous even writing this. Who knows what retaliation, may lie ahead for me. Look what Trump did to an honorable, decorated, Purple Heart recipient (and his twin brother), and the guy who gave him a million dollars. America’s institutions are not protecting Americans, they are protecting Trump.

Wake up people, the Attorney General, of The United States of America, is utilizing the power of the “Justice” Department, for the personal benefit of Donald Trump. Full Stop. This is not normal. This is not legal. This is not American. Abuse of power doesn’t get any clearer. As a Black American, I’ve always experienced and observed the double standard, for just about everything in America, for the benefit of white people. Voting, education, housing, skiing, polo, and breathing, just to name a few. This is not surprising. What is surprising? That white people are so engulfed in the cult of Trump, a singular orange white man, that they are willing to allow democracy to literally be destroyed.

White people in power tend to destroy good things, like R&B music in the 1970’s, which they “labeled” disco, and then immediately began to mimic, and dismiss, with knock offs. Come on, when Ethel Merman records a “disco album,” all is lost. Of course much later, a white guy, had a child like tantrum, on a baseball field, burning records, to the cheerful delight of the forgotten white men, and women of America. Perish the thought of people creating good music, that embraces all people, encouraging folks to be themselves, and dress outside of the box, without fear, or the confinement of gender, to stand out, and be out. Right now, white people in power, are destroying democracy, one of the coolest ideas ever, by allowing a orange white guy, to have a child like tantrum, in the White House, burning The Constitution, while Republicans stand by, cheering. God forbid Trump be held accountable for anything, or worse told, “No,” when he tells someone to investigate, or destroy the next person he doesn’t like.

To quote Timothy Snyder’s, On Tyranny Twenty Lessons From The Twentieth Century, “Stand out. Someone has to. It is easy to follow along. It can feel strange to do or say something different. But without that unease, there is no freedom. The moment you set an example, the spell of the status quo is broken, and others will follow.”

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