Dear Parents and Guardians,

Your children need you to take action on climate change. People of Earth have received dire warnings on the impact human actions are having on the planet, you must not ignore this, as Earth cannot continue to endure human abuse.

You take great care in monitoring the amount of sugar your kids eat, making sure homework is done, using seat belts and car seats to ensure safe travel. You make sure your teenagers have a curfew, you care about what type of toys your kids play with and the shows they watch. What about caring for the actual planet they are growing up on? Caring for the air they breathe and the water they drink? How can you count grams of fat and gluten content and not take action on climate change to safeguard the very place we all live?

This is about humanity, rising with urgency above politics and transcending religion. We cannot isolate ourselves behind walls in cities or suburbs – we are all connected – climate change touches everyone. Thinking about climate change can be overwhelming, something either too extreme for remedy, or not worth the worry. The reality is climate change impacts all – rich, poor white and Black communities. Not everyone has a bunker ready in New Zealand if global climate change goes unchecked, forcing mass population shifts, a food crisis and governmental destabilization.

Take part in recycling, choose your mode of transportation with care, be mindful about the types of products you purchase, use renewable energy sources, educate yourself and your kids about global climate change. There is no time to quibble over the falsehood that humans don’t impact climate change – we do.

You are the Parents and Guardians – the adults in charge. Then again, there are warning labels on strollers that state ‘Remove child before folding’ so perhaps numerous warnings are required for everything.

Don’t wait until the precipice to take action, it will be too late.


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