Contact Tracing Reveals Antebellum Slavery is Genesis of White Women’s “Outrage” Over Burr

Due to the outrage among white women, after comments from Bill Burr, during his monologue October 10, on Saturday Night Live, extensive contact tracing was conducted to determine the source of the indignation. Burr’s opening monologue referenced the fact that white women have been co-conspirators with white men throughout history. Indeed white women operated hand in glove with white men, benefiting from oppression and racism, while also benefiting from affirmative action. White women let their collective offense be known, complaining that Burr was out of line in his monologue. White women also expressed anger that they were not credited with inventing yoga or cornrows, claiming they are the real victims of white men. Contact tracing revealed antebellum slavery is the genesis of the white women’s outrage, as white women have historically had agency over Black people. However, due to a dangerous combination of fragility and hubris, white women immediately rejected the findings, choosing instead to focus on promoting their newest invention, pumpkin spice rosé.

Bill Burr | Saturday Night Live | Monologue | 10.10.20

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